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problem with Security Company monopolies in Areas Such as Philadelphia

I have viewed a Trend in urban neighborhoods such as Philadelphia and NYC , where you have mega security company conglomerates , as these companies give the public the view that they are positive for the community , from a crime and safety point they use many of the areas citizens to help establish a prescence , However what happens in many cases in areas where there is not a good healthy competitive market allowing other firms the opperate in this way allows a less competent work force and abuse of low wages wich seem to benifit the corporate mega structure new security companies , also I see a trend in wich they dont allow many of the urban minority officers grow within the company , It seems that many are stuck as a security guard, no room for consultant , or even technology advanced positions of training . The Pay seems to be horrible . I feel that the secuirty companies should be held accountable and realize that if they make their workers more effecient they should try and deliver them the best wages possible as well as make advances in their career possible. There are many new paths opening up in security , from Cyber Security , Drone Technology , Security Consulting , The larger more dominent companies Such as Securitas and Allied Barton , and at One Time FJC Security in New York seem to take advantage of their inner city guards and urban areas , I many times delivered better wages (prevailing wage rates ) for my Guards .Sometimes these companies treat their manpower as just another face and number , I support Smaller more effecient firms with a trackrecord to come into market , many contracts they loose also because of this disastifaction from

Their workforce and This is not Good !!!

wor the staff .

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